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Open Shooting Ranges

Up to the customer demands, different lenghts between 50 - 300 meters short distance and 300 - 500 meters middle distance Open Shooting Ranges are produced according to the standarts and are equipped every kind of target systems.


Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor shooting ranges planning according to the types of shots and user requests. Very different types of modern targets produced to be used in open shooting ranges

Sytems according to their types;

  • Pop-up and Turning Infantry Targets 
  • Friend / Foe Targets 
  • Electronic Targets 
  • Ground Calling Target 
  • Ceiling Calling Target 
  • Interactive Target Sytems

25m, 50m, 75m and 100m Indoor Shooting Ranges are constructed.


Airgun Shooting Ranges

Very special shooting ranges where markmansship training are done with air guns. Up to the customer demands , every dimentions and number of lanes and with every kind of target systems it can be produced.

Interactive Shooting Ranges

Interactive shooting ranges use of a laser capable of shooting, with laser marking sytems specially produced, shooting range users can make their shots by using their own armaments. Shooters in the real shot interactive shooting range, can use their own gunshots in the system.

Structure of the building and ventilation system of the interactive shooting ranges use of gunshots are very similar with the indoor shooting ranges. Area to set interactive shooting ranges use of laser mark guns. produced more basic and economical materials.


Mobile Shooting Ranges

Mobile shooting ranges as well as being able to accomplish all the functions of fixed shooting ranges also makes possible to do fire training everywhere and under all circumstances.Depending on the demands of customers in the desired size of container production can be realized. Type and number of the desired target system is also being implemented according to the customer’s requests and needs.Many types of target sytems is possible to be use in these shooting ranges. In this way , the most efficient training is possible to the desired location and conditions will apply.All the systems in mobile shooting ranges are produced and apply according to the customer needs.

Features of Mobile Shooting Ranges;

  • Perform all the functions of a fixed shooting range
  • Shooting range with the electronic target system
  • Shooting range with interactive target system
  • Shooting range with recalling target system
  • Shooting range with pop-up target system
  • Shooting range with friend/foe and turning target system
  • Shooting range with air gun target system
  • High quality interior and exterior insulation
  • Bullet traps
  • Ventilation system
  • Auxiliary systems


Shooting House

Atlas Polygon, has aimed to costruct perfect fire houses , exceeds time and place constraints,evaluate all requests for the purpose and need,adding skilled stuff knowledge and experience.

During the projecting fire houses, Atlas Polygon never be ignored the customer demands and needs but also directing the customers to choose right systems for thier purposes and helping them about the topic of International Shooting Standarts.

Never leaving the World Standarts, always prioritizes rhe safety of life and property reserves. When lives and property security in qustion, Atlas Polygon, makes its first principle is not to comprimise any priciple of itself.


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